At any age to be faced with a sudden or progressive hearing loss is an experience that leaves one often helpless and certainly anxious to know whether there are any hopes of improvement.
The discoveries of Alfred Tomatis provide a non-negligeable answer to these questions which can be determined at the time of the first test and assessment. The osteo-muscular training provided by the audio-vocal sessions stimulate the muscles of hearing situated in the middle ear which following this vigorous gymnastics regain their tonicity and typically provide a precious number of decibels of increased hearing.

This improvement following the sessions means, with respect of course to the subject’s age and the nature of their hearing difficulty, that the sound of the television can be turned down, that the radio in the car can be heard once more, that the words in conversation can be captured more easily, that energy levels rise and that the all too fast deterioration can be stopped and the improvement stabilized for a number of years. Audio-vocal exercises will be provided after the sessions so that each person can keep their muscles in working order by themselves at home after the sessions have finished.


In the same way for those, very often young, suffering from hyperacousia a programme and advice adapted to each individual problem will bring quick relief and increasing confidence to enable a quick return to everyday social and professional life. For hyperacousia the 4 half-day audio-vocal course is strongly advised after the training so that the voice is correctly placed for speaking and singing so as to stimulate and tonify the musculature of the middle ear through one’s own vocal emission.

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