Towards the end of the ’70s and beginning of the 80s Alfred Tomatis having reeducated a multitude of professional singers sought to extend this reeducation to all those having benefited from audio-vocal sessions.  He had witnessed the hugely beneficial and energising effects of  sounds produced from bone resonance not only on singers but also on himself and thus wanted all to benefit from this education of the spoken and singing voice.  Thus the audio-vocal courses came into existence and became the finality of the method – a good, correctly placed voice replacing the dependence on the machine and enabling each and every one to find their own autonomy and the agent of their own progress.


These workshops are preceded by the audio-vocal sessions and are an integral as well as final part of the listening education that we offer.

Professor Tomatis, with his wife and Dominique Waddell during an audio-vocal course in Spain

For whom ?

They are designed for everyone wanting to acquire the secrets of a good ear, good posture, listening skills and a dynamic, energising voice

and in particular :

for everyone whatever their activity : seeking to acquire a better vocal control, whether spoken or sung, in the course of their profession or daily activities.

for every professional : wishing to acquire a greater control of their voice and art or seeking to resolve vocal difficulties encountered in the course of their career.

How ?

Listening test and sessions beforehand

A listening test and audio-vocal sessions are indispensable before envisaging the audio-vocal course.

The course

The audio-vocal workshop is carried out ideally in the first months following the auditive stimulation and comprises 4 half-days of exercises in group or individually

Proposed exercises

Exercices on the spoken and singing voice. Maximising the quality or timbre and improving vocalisation.
Exercises leading to improved breathing and posture
Individually adapted audio-vocal sessions

By whom ?

Dominique Waddell

Professor Tomatis’s first assistant between 1990 and 1999

Specialised in the audio-vocal work and and in the spoken and singing voice. She was the first assistant of Professor Tomatis between 1990 and 1999 and remains today the person who has received the greatest training from Professor Tomatis for the audio-vocal work. She has given regularly audio-vocal courses abroad – in Europe, the US and Japan and devotes her time currently to her own Centre in Morgins and in the Paris region.


More information ?

We can provide you with any complimentary information necessary.