Tomatis has written 13 books in all.  Only three have been translated up to now into English.

The best place to start is undoubtedly Tomatis’s autobiography The Conscious Ear.

The Ear and Language, Tomatis’s first book, has some truly excellent passages relating to the nature of language and is generally rather more scientific in the aim of proving the relationships and counter-reactions between the ear and the voice and listening and language.

The Ear and the Voice which is the only book in English published at the present time has large sections of Tomatis’s original book (L’oreille et la voix) missing and is largely “adapted” which makes it absolutely impossible to understand completely Tomatis’s original thought concerning the audio-vocal techniques.  It nevertheless contains many of Tomatis’s amusing anecdotes.

Any reader with a little French would be well-advised to read the originals.  The most important are :

L’oreille et la vie (the best-selling autobiography);
Ecouter l’Univers (Tomatis’s last and favourite book);
De la Communication Utérine au Langage Humain subtitled La Libération d’Oedipe  (the book overturns Freud’s theories and is the book which Tomatis said made him progress the most);
L’Oreille et la Voix (the basis of Tomatis’s audio-vocal techniques);
Vers l’Ecoute Humaine – Tome 1 has recently appeared in digital format on Amazon in the original French.  In a category all of its own it is not only great literature but a compelling reversal of polarity of our conception of listening – present before the beginning of the creation of the world and the inductive force in all evolution ;
Pourquoi Mozart?    (For all those who ask the eternal question and why not Beethoven or Bach. There is also an excellent chapter on the Gregorian chant).
Nous sommes tous nés polyglottes.
Les troubles scolaires
Neuf mois au Paradis

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