“The Liberation of Oedipus” is none other than the path of language mythically and symbollically represented from the very depths of intra-uterine life to the limits of the end of existence.

AA Tomatis

A Canadian study has shown that our brain is in need of 4 1/2 billion stimulations per second for at least 4 hours per day, just to stay awake. It is the ear which provides the vast majority of these stimulations (up to 90%) … now to be well and to progress our brain needs a lot of energy.

One of the principle and too often overlooked functions of the ear is to ensure cortical recharge through the anlaysis of movements and posture (the vestibule) and sounds (the cochlear). The ear is a dynamo for the brain, transforming notably the analysis of high frequency sounds into stimulations or « energy ». The cochlear situated in the inner ear contains 24 600 hair cells capable of analysing sound. Of these cells 24 000 are dedicated to the high frequencies, a few hundred to the medium frequencies and only a few dozen to the bass frequencies.

If in the past certain blockages of an emotional nature have compromised the analysis of the high frequencies (whether pure or contained in the timbre of lower sounds) the ear can no longer assure its role of dynamo, and one can quickly feel tired, fatigued, depressed or depressive, lacking in enthusiasm and motivation. In his book “From Intra-uterine Communication to Human Language” (sub-titled The Liberation of Œdipus) Dr Tomatis explains the listening trajeory (from the analysis of bass frequencies to the high frequencies) that everyone must follow to become an instrument of language and communication and to assure their entry into the social world. He attrubutes a determinant place to the right ear, which is linked to the zone of the analysis of sounds, language, listening and the will in the left brain. If the right ear is not sufficiently tonic, a lack of confidence can set in in the communication with others, in vocal expression, whether spoken or sung, in the accomplishment of desires and projects and in the projection towards the future.

At the Audio-Vocal Centre these weaknesses in the ear and in listening are detected at the first listening test during the initial assessment. A personalised programme is then proposed over two or three audio-vocal sessions so as to liberate the individual and help them project themselves towards their future.

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