Foreign language training

Private lessons : English & French





We propose lessons or conversation classes with native teachers in Morgins and by Skype, FaceTime or telephone when necessary.

Contact-us for more details.






Group lessons

Group French conversation classes cost of €10 per participant, will be opened according to demand and levels.

Teacher : Dominique (Cannet)-Waddell


Immersion courses (half or full day meal included) in French or English

Typical full day programme for adults :

Mastering a foreign language is an important step in opening the ear to another culture and other ways of listening, thinking and communicating.  An immersion course can be one of the most effective ways of entering quickly into this new world…

– 2h lesson and conversation
– Lunch and conversation
– Activities or visits
– Homework and revision

Price:  80 euros per day.  From 2 to 5 participants.

(Half-day programmes are also available as well as supplementary private lessons if needed).


Audio-vocal sessions in all languages

    Bandes passantes de plusieurs langues mises au point par Alfred Tomatis


To improve the accent and listening and to remove any impedance to learning these sessions of integration of the foreign language can be a precious aid to speeding up the learning process.

They can be conducted in any language.  Some of the most popular for the moment are English, French, Italian (very useful for singers), German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese and Arab.

They open up the ear to the frequency of the language and assure that listening is optimal.  See our page foreign languages for more details.  The length of the sessions is  2h 1/2 per day  (Price : 70€).  They are preceded by a linguistic assessment which includes a measure of audition and more particularly listening in all its parameters.

    The ideal linguistic or musical ear (hearing through bone conduction in red and through air conduction in black)

Access to The Morgins Language Centre

Chalet Céleste,
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Centre Audio-Vocal Morgins
BP 15, 1875 Morgins - Suisse

Permanence téléphonique :
Lun - sam - 9:00 - 12:30


Chalet Céleste,
Route de Bas Vièze
1875 Morgins
Valais, Suisse