What is the procedure for undertaking an audio-vocal education ?

The first step is either to telephone +33 (0)970 44 57 77 or +41 (0)22 548 33 27 or E-mail us to obtain all the information that you need in order to familiarize yourself with our approach and work and to be sure that we will be able to answer your needs. Following that you can arrange an appointment for an initial assessment which can be in either Morgins, Versailles or London.

This assessment is made up of :

  • An opening dossier gathering together all the necessary information.
  • A listening test
  • The consultation, during which the needs for which the person has come are discussed and, if appropriate, and the resulting expected progress following audio-vocal sessions
  • The proposal of a programme of audio-vocal sessions adapted individually to each person’s needs

What are the audio-vocal sessions ?

The auditive stimulation (providing the audio-psycho-phonological or Tomatis effect) is obtained through an electronic apparatus designed according to the principles of Alfred Tomatis to train the ear to to listen in an ideal fashion.

How ?

This apparatus acts on the two muscles of the middle ear, the stirrup and the hammer muscles (these two muscles are those engaged in the listening process) with the aid of electronic gating mechanisms and filters which alternatively place the ear at rest or at work using at different stages of the training either music (Mozart and Gregorian Chant) or the subject’s own voice – through the intermediary of a specially designed headset equipped with not only air but also bone conduction.

Through this auditive gymnastics, the subject is reeducated to listen correctly, without distortions.

The audio-vocal sessions organised by the Audio-Vocal Centre  are carried out under the control and observation of experienced consultants trained in the Tomatis techniques. This monitoring enables at every moment a constant modification of the programme with respect to each person’s individual reactions or observations.

The daily presence of consultants is also indispensable so as to reply to the various questions and remarks during the programme.

Sessions for children and teenagers are held in small groups, enabling them to communicate and often forge new friendships whilst they draw or play games  together.

The Audio-Vocal Centre does not provide material to be used at home, because the individual monitoring of each case, the advice and the important active audio-vocal sessions (reading out loud under electronic ear in the correct way)  is all-important to the success necessity of top quality analogue equipment which is too heavy, too expensive and too fragile to be transported.

Following the sessions a listening pedagogy is proposed in accordance with the individual level attained in the from of an audio-vocal course and individual voice controls.

More information ?

We can provide you with any complimentary information necessary