What is the procedure for undertaking an audio-vocal education ?

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The first step is either to telephone +33 (0)970 44 57 77 or +41 (0)22 548 33 27 or E-mail us to obtain all the information that you need in order to familiarize yourself with our approach and work and to be sure that we will be able to answer your needs. Following that you can arrange an appointment for an initial assessment which can be in either Morgins, Versailles or London.


Audio-Vocal Courses

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Having reeducated a multitude of professional singers Alfred Tomatis from the end of the 1970s sought to apply the same vocal techniques to everyone who had follow his audio-vocal training.  Having noticed the huge effects of bone transmitted sounds on professional singers he wanted everyone to benefit from these techniques of voice placing for the spoken and singing voice.  Thus the audio-vocal courses were born which he recommended to everyone.  His last audio-vocal course was given in 1997 in London and Dominique Waddell who assisted Tomatis in over 120 courses over three continents continues to teach the original techniques.

The aim of these audio-vocal courses is to take over from the initial auditive education and to quickly become independent of the machine so that each individual can continue his own progression.

These courses are an integral part of the listening pedagogy which we propose and constitute its finality.


Course planner

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The preliminary audio-vocal sessions are conducted in the Versailles region near Paris and in the holiday destination of Morgins at 1,250 meters altitude on the franco-swiss border south of Lake Geneva.

The audio-vocal courses are conducted almost exclusively in Morgins.  There is the additional possibility of controls of vocal technique in both Versailles and London.



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Our tariffs are justified by the use of high quality analogue material and a professional training which now spans many years.  We remain, however, always attentive to those who wish to undertake an audio-vocal education and who don’t necessarily have the corresponding financial means.  In this case we study together the ways to make the education possible.