Whilst tinnitus is situated in the medical domain finding a cure can nevertheless prove extremely difficult and even haphazard. That is why many tinnitus sufferers turn in parallel towards other therapies amongst which the listening therapy developed by Alfred Tomatis.

The audio-psycho-phonology of Tomatis which is applied by the Audio-Vocal Centre™, has very interesting, tangible results in the improvement of tinnitus.

The origins of tinnitus are diverse and difficult to uncover. Nevertheless, when after a first stimulation of the musculature of the middle ear, the ringing is diminished or the frequency changes, one can have strong reason to believe that one of the causes is linked to a dysfunctioning of the middle ear. Thus at the end of the treatment when the audition and the tonicity of the ear have improved the tinnitus will likewise have diminished and for some even to the extent of the inaudible.

Dietary advice is typically an indispensable part in the success of the treatment.

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