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Music, language and voice are intimately linked.  They are all tributary of a high-level faculty : listening, leading us on to the ear and to its different attributions : balance, posture, movement, verticality, gesture on the one hand, audition, differentiation of pitch, musicality, attention, vigilance on the other. The whole is associated to a nervous system which in the form of stimulations provides the energisation of the body, and the brain in particular. Thanks to the ear, man moves, becomes vertical, expresses himself, listens and thinks.

“The ear is a royal pathway, not just of language, but of all the processes of man’s adjustment to himself and his environment.”

Alfred A.Tomatis

Owing to the pioneering work of Alfred Tomatis, the discipline of audio-psycho-phonology has been studying this exceptional organ for many years.

The close relationship between the ear and the voice, listening and language is becoming clearer. If listening is at the centre of learning mechanisms, it is also an education enabling the overcoming of delays and blockages, opening the doors of knowledge to all.

The role of the ear is capital. If the listening faculty is poorly developed, the ear can no longer assure its different functions of :

charge :
leading to a lack of energy and motivation.

equilibrium :
leading to a poor control of the body and posture.

listening :
leading to difficulties in the control of language and the voice.

Poor listening also leads to concentration and memory loss, reading, writing and learning difficulties.  And beyond this listening is the major factor in man’s acquisition of correct language and in his humanisation in general. See excerpts from Tomatis’s book “Towards Human Listening” to understand this evolutionary process.

Following a first listening test a series of audio-vocal sessions are proposed which are designed to :

– increase dynamism, energy and creativity
– improve balance and posture
– optimize the analysis and the control of sounds for improved listening, communication, attention and concentration
– facilitate learning skills and memory
– improve confidence and self-expression
– improve musicality, rhythm, timbre of the spoken and singing voice
-improving and accelerating foreign language acquisition
– and a host of other benefits…

Areas of application

The Audio-Vocal Centre is for everyone whatever their age wishing to improve their listening and thereby rediscover, increase and express their full potential.

The Audio Vocal Centre

Centre Audio-Vocal Morgins
BP 15, 1875 Morgins - Suisse

Permanence téléphonique :
Lun - sam - 9:00 - 12:30



You can view all our testimonies in the margin under the heading testimony

Delphine Brault mother of Paul, aged 7, Le Mesnil-le-Roi, 1st April 2017

Our son aged 7 had great difficulties learning to read and write at school. He used to grow very tired when reading, muddled up all the letters and started to totally lose confidence in himself. We were at a loss to know what to do when an acquaintance talked of the Tomatis method (Tomatis techniques or audio-psycho-phonology, ed.).
We were initially rather sceptical. After two weeks of sessions, we have noticed an impressive change. His reading is now fluid, he has regained confidence in himself and he is catching up his loss. We are amazed by this method.
I have done sessions myself and have been able to test it as I regularly lost my voice. Since the sessions I haven’t lost it once. Dominique and Justin are very kind, and very well intentioned with the children. They apply the original Tomatis techniques with great professionalism. I can only recommend them.

Sessions for School difficulties / Sessions for Others

Mother of Tom, 3 1/2 years old Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 24th November 2014

Our trip to Quiberon changed everything for Tom. Diagnosed autistic in Spring, he didn’t speak or hardly, in a language which we couldn’t understand. Coming to the Centre we were looking just to improve his oversensitivity. In fact, as the sessions went on, which were accepted increasingly readily, Tom’s articulation started to improve. Some time after the first course, Tom was speaking better and we could understand him ! A radical change…

We came back a few months later, curious to see what this second session would bring. Just after a few sessions he started to sing ! The progress which Tom underwent very much impressed us : from accepting the headset, to listening, speaking and then singing. And the effects continue to be felt since our return to Canada.
Tom is now constructing little by little his first sentences, whereas before he could only repeat what he heard.

Each child is unique and each story different. We owe a lot to the Waddells and to Professor Tomatis’s heritage. We will certainly be back once more to watch with amazement the unexpected impact of these techniques on his autistic traits.

Sessions for Others / Sessions for School difficulties / Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis

Guillaume Sigier professional pianist, Paris, septembre 2014

« Here is some news following my last visit to your centre in Quiberon.
I have been able to take back up again my normal workload on the piano and soon will start concerts again. My hyperacusis seems like a bad memory, I just suffer slightly when washing up as well as with some of the very highest notes on my piano.

I therefore owe you many thanks for helping me out of this dreadful hole. I feel that my ears can continue to get stronger. I could never have imagined that it would take so much time !

Not knowing the auditive mechanisms, nor my new limits and feeling still rather convalescent and on reprieve for I don’t know how long, my greatest fear given my profession is damaging my ear again and succeeding in making the tinnitus worse or perhaps reinforcing it. Nevertheless for a month now I no longer need to use ear plugs for public transport or in restaurants (I won’t tempt the devil any longer with the cinema or electronic music).
The special diet as well as the reading out loud exercises have overall done me an enormous amount of good and you have my wholehearted thanks.

I look forward to seeing you again in Quiberon for a third session. Thank you once more for your availability and all that has already been achieved !! »

Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis / Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians / Sessions for Tinnitus

Simone et Anastasia Bateson aged 11 and 7, diagnosed dyslexic, and who came to see us in July 2005 at Verbier in Switzerland, London, 31st May 2005

I feel ashamed that we have only just got around to contacting you. All is well with Simone and Anastasia they have had a very busy year. Anastasia has amazed her teachers as you know she was classed as a non reader when we came to you and now she is almost in the average reader category. She has had a lot of extra support from school and we are continuing to pay for regular private lessons to help her with her English reading and writing but she has proved better able to make full use of her opportunities. However best of all is her improved confidence and self esteem also improved speech. Further she is more open to making new friendships and defending herself and others I feel she is much more discerning.

Simone’s reading was tested last October and was considered to have a reading age of 12.5 she was just about to turn 12. The February before that she had been one year behind. Again Simone was tested in February this year and she was assessed with a reading age of 13.5. Simone had to complete her end of junior school exams named SATS she found the run up to the exams very stressful as the school had the children practising papers every day for several weeks. However during the actual week of the exams she seemed calmer and said she found the actual SATS easier than the practice papers she only hated the mental arithmetic and felt very confident and at ease with her reading and reading comprehension paper.

Sessions for School difficulties

David Manterfield 20 years old, Le Vésinet, (Ex Lycée International, Saint Germain), 30th March 2009.

I did not fully understand at first how these sessions would help me obtain the effects my mother was talking about. The first meeting with Justin was interesting, he explained to me the process of listening and how it links in to the way we learn and develop. It was explained that my right hearing, the side linked to language, expression and concentration, was underdeveloped. He also said that my mother and I had a very strong emotional bond which affected my listening. My understanding of the treatment was vague, however I followed it strictly, turning up to all the sessions, which I found enjoyable and where I got to meet people.

In the weeks after the end of the treatment I had doubts about the impact of these sessions. However 3 years after the treatment I find myself completely changed, on multiple levels, socially, mentally, … I began the treatment at the end of 1ère (UK sixth form). I was doing a Bac S at Lycée Alain in my home town of Le Vésinet. It was a difficult year for me. I was doing badly at school and my social life was very limited. My results in my French Baccalaureat exam were poor (oral : 11, written : 6)
The following year I did my 1ère again at a far better Lycée where I was able to follow a bilingual education. My grades in the same exam were far better (oral : 15, written 12). This improvement could, of course, be linked to the fact that I had resat the exam a year later and in a better school. But I believe the sessions at the Audio-Vocal Centre had a role to play in my improvement. I was no longer sceptical about the impact of the treatment. 3 years later, I have succeeded in obtaining my French scientific baccalaureat with an international option, which is one of the hardest “A level standard” examinations to pass.

I am now following a preparatory course in medicine and hopefully going to Newcastle University next year where I have an offer to study medicine. I have never felt so accomplished.

Sessions for School difficulties / Sessions for Personal development

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