« If you wish to work with me you have to think in the same way as I do  » AA Tomatis.

Those were the very first words that Professor Tomatis told Justin Waddell when he asked to work with him in London …

Indeed, this meant that to become an Audio-psycho phonologist requires not only to assimilate extensive knowledge, practice and experience but also to share the inventor’s way of thinking and spirit.

For him and his wife : Audio-pyscho-phonology was a discipline and a lifestyle. Ever committed to serving others, Professeur Tomatis would often remind that one must wake up for others, eat for others, think and work for others…in short, devote one’s entire life to others !

And these words were not spoken plainly as this is how Lena, his wife and him would live their daily life. Sleeping only 4 hours per night, to him there was no such thing as half measures, whether it be when he was working or travelling, on holidays…as he continued to write books and articles.

The Audio-Vocal Centre wishes to all of you that we may always make progress in this dimension of listening to others… 

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