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Music, language and voice are intimately linked.  They are all tributary of a high-level faculty : listening, leading us on to the ear and to its different attributions : balance, posture, movement, verticality, gesture on the one hand, audition, differentiation of pitch, musicality, attention, vigilance on the other. The whole is associated to a nervous system which in the form of stimulations provides the energisation of the body, and the brain in particular. Thanks to the ear, man moves, becomes vertical, expresses himself, listens and thinks.

“The ear is a royal pathway, not just of language, but of all the processes of man’s adjustment to himself and his environment.”

Alfred A.Tomatis

Owing to the pioneering work of Alfred Tomatis, the discipline of audio-psycho-phonology has been studying this exceptional organ for many years.

The close relationship between the ear and the voice, listening and language is becoming clearer. If listening is at the centre of learning mechanisms, it is also an education enabling the overcoming of delays and blockages, opening the doors of knowledge to all.

The role of the ear is capital. If the listening faculty is poorly developed, the ear can no longer assure its different functions of :

charge :
leading to a lack of energy and motivation.

equilibrium :
leading to a poor control of the body and posture.

listening :
leading to difficulties in the control of language and the voice.

Poor listening also leads to concentration and memory loss, reading, writing and learning difficulties.  And beyond this listening is the major factor in man’s acquisition of correct language and in his humanisation in general. See excerpts from Tomatis’s book “Towards Human Listening” to understand this evolutionary process.

Following a first listening test a series of audio-vocal sessions are proposed which are designed to :

– increase dynamism, energy and creativity
– improve balance and posture
– optimize the analysis and the control of sounds for improved listening, communication, attention and concentration
– facilitate learning skills and memory
– improve confidence and self-expression
– improve musicality, rhythm, timbre of the spoken and singing voice
-improving and accelerating foreign language acquisition
– and a host of other benefits…

Areas of application

The Audio-Vocal Centre is for everyone whatever their age wishing to improve their listening and thereby rediscover, increase and express their full potential.

The Audio Vocal Centre

Centre Audio-Vocal Paris
5 Rue du Maréchal Foch Le Vésinet 78110

Centre Audio-Vocal Morgins
Chemin de Bessey 13, 1875 Morgins - Suisse

Permanence téléphonique :
Lun - sam - 9:00 - 12:30



You can view all our testimonies in the margin under the heading testimony

Juliette Binoche actress, Paris, 4th May 2017

(After listening sessions and audio-vocal work in Morgins)

Since my encounter in Switzerland with Dominique and Justin Waddell, I have to my great relief finally rediscovered the authentic work of Professor Alfred Tomatis whom I had the privilege of meeting when whilst after shooting a film a gun had gone off damaging my right ear.

The analogue music which Professor Tomatis proned (and not digital), the specific work on the singing and vocal technique, that Dominique transmits so admirably in an exceptionally quiet site nestled in the heart of the mountains, make this a wonderful place to recharge one’s batteries, take stock of oneself and find a true equilibrium.

I strongly encourage those who have the possibility, to do listening sessions in this Centre.

Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians

Delphine Brault mother of Paul, aged 7, Le Mesnil-le-Roi, 1st April 2017

Our son aged 7 had great difficulties learning to read and write at school. He used to grow very tired when reading, muddled up all the letters and started to totally lose confidence in himself. We were at a loss to know what to do when an acquaintance talked of the Tomatis method (Tomatis techniques or audio-psycho-phonology, ed.).
We were initially rather sceptical. After two weeks of sessions, we have noticed an impressive change. His reading is now fluid, he has regained confidence in himself and he is catching up his loss. We are amazed by this method.
I have done sessions myself and have been able to test it as I regularly lost my voice. Since the sessions I haven’t lost it once. Dominique and Justin are very kind, and very well intentioned with the children. They apply the original Tomatis techniques with great professionalism. I can only recommend them.

Sessions for School difficulties / Sessions for Others

Ellen USA and Paris, 22nd March 2017

I have suffered from tinnitus for the past 9 years causing a real handicap to my hearing. I was very lucky to have been given the address of the Audio-Vocal Centre run by Dominique and Justin.
After 18 sessions, my hearing has improved a lot, I feel much more focused than before.
Dominique and Justin are so professional and very warm human beings. The sessions are a pure pleasure. What a treat to actually alleviate health problems through listening to music ! Thank you so much Dominique and Justin.

Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis / Sessions for Tinnitus

Ivan G. meteorologist, La Roche sur Yon, 11th June 2016 and 19th August 2016

I’m Ivan, in my forties. 14 months ago, one evening after a long day’s work I became aware of strangers in my ears. Rather disagreeable and stressful sounds or humming that more and more of us are familiar with : tinnitus. In my right ear I identify, not without difficulty, a frequency around 3,000 Hertz (the most uncomfortable) and in the left ear one much higher around 9,000 Hertz.

They are so troublesome that for the first few days I am only able to sleep 3 or 4 hours a night. After a 6 month wait I finally have my appointment with an ENT specialist who tells me more or less “My dear chap science cannot do much for you. Nevertheless I can tell you that your auditive thresholds are quite normal with just a slight dip in the 3,000 to 5,000 Hz range.”

In September 2015 I go to IMERTA (Institut Méditerranéen de Recherche et de Traitement des Acouphènes) in Marseille. The personnel are welcoming and the tests a little more probing. I leave with a personalised sound therapy, adapted to my frequencies and consisting in listening every day to certain beeps. Result : my tinnitus remains completely unchanged for several months.

In March 2016, I decide to meet Mr. Justin Waddell at the Audio-Vocal Centre. I appreciate his warm welcome and undergo some auditive tests at the end of which Justin exclaims : “Let me guess your problem. I compare your curves. You’ve got tinnitus ?” Bingo.

The diagnosis terminated, one week later I’m on my first 6-day session. On the menu : reeducation of my ears whilst drawing and listening to Mozart (preferred music), Gregorian Chant and violin concertos. At the end of the course I am asked to read every day out loud for around 30 minutes.

In June I’m on my second course. Right off Justin tests my ears and reports an improvement on the last test in March : the auditive curves are closer together than they were, which is encouraging. 5 morning sessions follow, identical to those of March, but with added reading aloud sessions with a headset and microphone. I notice quite a significant drop in the tinnitus for a couple of afternoons.

The Tomatis techniques (Consultant’s note : exlusively with analogue equipment as digital sound will stress the auditive nerve) will always bring about improvements but cannot promise to remove the tinnitus in all cases I am told. In my case I will need some time to see, to finish the treatment and to carry on with the exercises I have been given. However, these techniques having being developed over many years and having produced excellent results in many cases they are to my mind well worth being tested. Whatever the outcome I have appreciated the quality of the support, exchanges and the human contact with Justin and Dominique, to the extent that I am planning a further course very shortly.

Continuation of the testimony after a further course of 4 days, 19th August 2016

We are mid August, time for an assessment after my third course 10 days ago.
I practise my reading aloud exercises daily for 30 minutes as well as some breathing exercises to relax the stomach and let my voice have more width. For some weeks the frequency which bothered me most (3,000 hertz in the right ear) is much reduced. These last few days I have been walking in the forest and it almost total silence in my ears. Thanking Mr and Mrs Waddell

Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis / Sessions for Tinnitus

Christiane singing teacher, Sion, (Valais, Switzerland) 11th April 2016

Dear Dominique and Justin,

My sessions with you in September 2015 in Morgins are still having their very positive effects on me.

I feel I now have energy in reserve and am at a different level…

Professor Tomatis was right to insist on his cures being carried out in analogue. Having tried various sessions in digital I can now testify that there really is no comparison. They work in depth and the effects continue over time.

Many thanks for continuing faithfully the Professor’s work.

Sessions for Personal development / Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians

Mrs Meiss Testimony on deafness, Saint Philibert, Morbihan, Brittany. 22nd December 2014

My name is Anne-Marie Meiss, born 8th May 1935, maried with 3 sons, grandmother and great grandmother.

Well ! For several months I’d been hearing less well and was aware that I was asking people to repeat themselves.
Most annoying for me as well as for those around me !
After a consultation and with a slight drop in my audition confirmed, I took the decision rather reluctantly to have myself fitted out with hearing aids !

In the meantime I speak to a charming woman about it and she advises me to undertake a course at the Audio-Vocal Centre in Quiberon. She says to me, ” when I went I was as deaf as a post and now I can hear”.

This course has been devised following the research carried out by Doctor Tomatis.

In my case it obliges my ear to listen and reeducates it whilst listening to Mozart and Gregorian Chant.

Of course, Mr and Mrs Waddell – pupils of Dr Tomatis – adjust the frequencies and control everything.
Obviously the method can be applied to a host of other things « tinnitus, language, etc; »

In short, as regards my own experience, I notice a clear improvement … I have just spent 3 days with my children, (the best test I can have as it is they who made reproached me the most with my hearing deficit). The result was positive !!!
No unpleasant remarks …

To maintain this improvement, it is very important to read out loud every day, 30 minutes at least.

End of this short report on my own personal experience which I hope will be useful and will encourage others to buy the book “The Conscious Ear” (l’Oreille et la vie) by Alfred Tomatis.

Thanking wholeheartedly Mr and Mrs Waddell.


Sessions for The retired and aged / Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis

Mother of Tom, 3 1/2 years old Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 24th November 2014

Our trip to Quiberon changed everything for Tom. Diagnosed autistic in Spring, he didn’t speak or hardly, in a language which we couldn’t understand. Coming to the Centre we were looking just to improve his oversensitivity. In fact, as the sessions went on, which were accepted increasingly readily, Tom’s articulation started to improve. Some time after the first course, Tom was speaking better and we could understand him ! A radical change…

We came back a few months later, curious to see what this second session would bring. Just after a few sessions he started to sing ! The progress which Tom underwent very much impressed us : from accepting the headset, to listening, speaking and then singing. And the effects continue to be felt since our return to Canada.
Tom is now constructing little by little his first sentences, whereas before he could only repeat what he heard.

Each child is unique and each story different. We owe a lot to the Waddells and to Professor Tomatis’s heritage. We will certainly be back once more to watch with amazement the unexpected impact of these techniques on his autistic traits.

Sessions for Others / Sessions for School difficulties / Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis

Guillaume Sigier professional pianist, Paris, septembre 2014

« Here is some news following my last visit to your centre in Quiberon.
I have been able to take back up again my normal workload on the piano and soon will start concerts again. My hyperacusis seems like a bad memory, I just suffer slightly when washing up as well as with some of the very highest notes on my piano.

I therefore owe you many thanks for helping me out of this dreadful hole. I feel that my ears can continue to get stronger. I could never have imagined that it would take so much time !

Not knowing the auditive mechanisms, nor my new limits and feeling still rather convalescent and on reprieve for I don’t know how long, my greatest fear given my profession is damaging my ear again and succeeding in making the tinnitus worse or perhaps reinforcing it. Nevertheless for a month now I no longer need to use ear plugs for public transport or in restaurants (I won’t tempt the devil any longer with the cinema or electronic music).
The special diet as well as the reading out loud exercises have overall done me an enormous amount of good and you have my wholehearted thanks.

I look forward to seeing you again in Quiberon for a third session. Thank you once more for your availability and all that has already been achieved !! »

Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis / Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians / Sessions for Tinnitus

Marie-Paul Gay mother of Arnaud and Thomas, Herbeville, Yvelines. 20th October 2014

In testifying I would like to encourage parents who have children with learning difficulties that it isn’t a fatality.
Since coming to the Waddells at Quiberon my two adolescents Thomas (17) and Arnaud (14), now have a very different relationship with their schoolwork.

Arnaud, detected with dysorthographia, had sessions with a speech therapist twice a week from the age of 5 through to the age of 12, without any noticeable changes. Since the sessions in Quiberon he no longer complains when doing his schoolwork. And when I met his French teacher just before the break he said that he hadn’t really noticed Arnaud’s spelling problems. What a victory ! It’s true that he no longer jumbles up his letters !

As for Thomas, it was he that wanted to do the sessions, when we were in Quiberon, to help him with his concentration.

I find that he has changed a lot after this first course : he is more master of himself and his concentration is there when he needs it.

If I can give some advice to parents who want to help their children : do these Tomatis techniques.
A stay at Quiberon will give you a break from your daily routine and help recharge your batteries in spectacular scenary.

I will finish by thanking Mr and Mrs Waddell for their kindness and their availability.

Sessions for School difficulties

Alain Herriau Opera singer, 39, Paris, December 2013.

My name is Alain Herriau and I am a professional opera singer. I am 39. Two years ago 2 ans I was talking about vocal technique with a singing colleague.

I shared my problems of voice projection and lack of high frequencies, as I sometimes would hear colleaugues saying that on listening to my spoken voice they had the impression that I would have a big voice but in fact as soon as I was in the hall they were quickly disappointed. They would say it’s as if you had half your voice ! Or, sometimes you sing a little flat. It’s not really flat but your lack of harmonics make it sound a little under the note.

Well, all this as a means to saying that this friend talks to me of Alfred Tomatis and the ear and the relationship of the Ear to the Voice. I therefore decide to take an appointment at The Audio-Vocal Centre in the Vésinet. I choose this Centre because Dominique was Tomatis’s assistant for the audio-vocal work. My status as “intermittent du spectacle”, means the course is paid for AFDAS which is very practical as well.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. On arrival I see sitting in armchairs with headsets on. Most are drawing. How strange it is !

I first have to undergo a listening test and I am astonished to see what the test reveals. It can be seen that I function too much with the left ear (the ear linked to the emotions) more than with the right ear (the one that directs).
It will be necessary to reeducate the right ear so as to rebalance all that. Tomatis used to work with filtered sounds of Mozart and Gregorian chant. I now understand why all these people have a headset on. So for a few days I listen, like my fellow “course colleagues” Gregorian chant and Mozart, in sounds increasingly filtered and ever more directed on the right ear. And, if you please, drawing concomitantly, so as to occupy and express myself whilst evacuating any stressful thoughts.
I have with me an air stewardess who has come to reeducate her ear, a young man who wants his tinnitus diminished, another looking to improve his concentration in class…, and as well as an opera singing colleague.
After some days with the headset on, I start reading aloud exercises, with the lips well pushed forwards so as to add timbre to the voice. Difficult to go into all the details on paper, you will discover all that coming to do the course. Justin who works with Dominique is alsays there to check that I am correctly doing my diction exercises and helps me with the pronunciation of the scores on which I am working.

The last days of the course I work with Dominique on breathing and singing : becoming more aware that the voice will only be “protected” if it vibrates in the whole body. Dominique who is not a professional singer emits a small vibration. And there I am truly amazed. I feel her whole body vibrating, her whole skull as well. And this small vibration seems to me already enormous in the room. I try in turn.
The Tomatis techniques Tomatis are an education, which implies daily practice and if one stops one stops progressing.

Back at work no one talked to me again of being out of tune – oof ! – and my voice is starting to become larger over time, without effort, without pushing or straining as I used to, trying to project as best I could. I now try to concentrate on the vibration and the voice which vibrates in all the body. I can’t say for the moment what will be the results on forthcoming auditions, the most benificial as possible I hope. In any events I will work my hardest for it.

Justin and Dominique will accord you the warmest welcome and I wish you a “good journey” with the Tomatis techniques or rather a “good listening”.

Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians

Mother of Damien 8 years old Melun, 6 february 2013

Dear Mr & Mrs Waddell,

Hoping that you are well here is a little news concerning Damien’s progress since his last sessions in December.
We are delighted to say he has improved on several levels: concentration, behaviour (at school and at home), enthusiasm for learning in general as well as for memorizing his lessons.
For the last 3 weeks now we have seen a very marked development.
– Damien has more much desire and will to do things at school
– he memorizes his poems in record time !
– he can formulate questions (with some errors) and reply to questions both orally and written.
– he can project himself into the near-future and recount what he has done over the last few days…

Concerning his behavior:

– he is calmer for longer periods
– at school he no longer has problems with his classmates
– he has more discipline to do his daily half-hour reading out loud! And I’ve introduced a little bit of reading in Spanish (10 minutes) on top of the French.
His entourage, who didn’t know that Damien had been having sessions in your establishment, have noticed that Damien has gained in maturity!
The speech therapist is very pleased with Damien’s evident progress. So only a few more speech therapy sessions and it will soon be over. (The speech therapist was interested in your work and I have given her your details. That is undoubtedly a good thing !)

Thank you once again.

Sessions for School difficulties

Robert James 8 years old, British School of Paris, Croissy-sur-Seine. Written by his mother. 27th June 2012.

Robert was 8 years old when he started the listening therapy. He was having learning difficulties particularly with writing. Since undergoing the listening therapy we have been delighted with the improvements in his school work. The teachers and myself noticed improved levels of concentration and more accurate reading after the therapy. He is now writing fluently in a neat cursive style using his right hand.

I have just received his results from the standardised tests in Literacy and would like to inform you that before the therapy his reading for accuracy score was 85 and after the therapy it is 97. His test results in comprehension has improved and his spelling age has improved almost 2 years in just 6 months. We are continuing to follow your advice and Robert reads out loud on a regular basis.

We are very grateful for your help.
Kate James

Sessions for School difficulties

Testimony of a business executive on career development Maisons Laffitte, 35 years old, 4th February 2012.

After several years as a manager in industry I was feeling a pressing need for change, however, was finding it impossible to make a decision and to imagine myself in any new position. I was up against too many options that I just couldn’t eliminate. I couldn’t make up my mind or find my real motivation or source of fulfilment. Even if I had been deeply motivated at the outset, I systematically rejected all the offers that were presented me, pretexting reasons that were more or less coherent, so as to avoid the choices.
I tried skill appraisals, coaching, hypnosis etc. Worse, I started to get anxious several days before a foreign business trip or even before a phone call in a foreign language even though I had no problem with the language. Lost and isolated in this feeling of malaise, my sleep was affected, my character became more critical of everything and subject to wild mood swings whilst my family life suffered as I spent hours going through all the jobs pages.

I learnt of the Tomatis techniques thanks to a member of my family who had treated one of his children suffering from behavioural problems in this way with very satisfactory results. Having read some positive testimonies from people in the same case as my own I decided to have a first consultation at the Audio-Vocal Centre. I was struck by the accuracy of the analysis of my personality and of my problems : I was profoundly lateralised on my left side and this was influencing my whole psychology. I decided to undergo a programme of Tomatis audio-vocal sessions not necessarily possessing the assurance that I would see a notable change. At the end of the first session I was no longer tired and my sleep had returned to normal. I noticed that something had changed but I did not know exactly what it was and periods of renewed confidence were followed by profound periods of discouragement. But little by little, through the daily prescribed reading out loud exercises, I felt myself to be increasingly connected with myself and with reality, capable of rebounding and taking on committed choices. In communicating my behaviour, body language and listening also changed.

The second series of sessions consolidated these changes and launched a new dynamic with a return to a correct lateralization.
Today I have progressed enormously in the eyes of my superiors who have confided me the responsibilities of innovation projects and those of profound structural change within the company, thanks to this new-found dynamism and a maturer attitude, more attentive to others. I feel well, no longer fearful of change or apprehensive in international situations. In brief I am taking advantage of events to the full and am ready to accept responsibilities to which I didn’t feel suited before and which in the past were never proposed to me. Every day I discover what truly motivates me and improves my equilibrium. I have recently instigated a move from the Paris region, something we have dreamed of for a long time without actually taking the plunge. Whilst not knowing when this will come about I have remained calm, confident in my competences and choices in this difficult economic period. I continue with the daily exercices of reading out loud which help me to continue to feel my progress, notably in my relationship with others.

In short, nothing but changes in something in which I did not believe at the outset ! More than just being back in touch with myself again I have improved my communication abilities which is beyond price ! I am rediscovering a balanced life made up of changes and choices. Enormous thanks to Dominique and Justin for helping me to recover my professional and most of all my family life !!!

Sessions for Others / Sessions for Personal development

Testimony of a professional muician Paris. 25th August 2011


Instrumentalist in one of the top Paris orchestras, I found myself without warning from one day to the next confronted with a serious problem of hyperacusis. After a very intense period of work, I woke up with my ears oversensitive to any sound. I couldn’t play in the orchestra without ear plugs and even playing alone I suffered. The voices of those around me aggressed me. Finished outings to restaurants, cafés, cinemas, underground journeys free of pain and apprehension… in short a real nightmare which was to last one year ! I tried everything : ENT specialists, auriculotherapists, osteopathy, medicine, hypnosis. I even wore for the whole year one of these machines diffusing white noise so as to diminish my minimum sound perception threshold. During this time I didn’t once hear the true sound of my instrument…

AND THEN ! I was luckily directed towards a centre dispensing the original Tomatis techniques (and not any old one), the one directed by the WADDELL’s.
After a listening course over Summer (2 weeks + 1 week), everything changed. My hearing curves which had been jagged smoothed out, my hearing improved and everything returned to order !!
Not only was I able to take up my work normally again, but I also recovered my social life and was able to go out without inconvenience and fear. One year later I am aware of the miracle that has taken place.

But by following the Tomatis course, I have not only “discovered” my ears (you know those two things which we musicians never think about and which are nevertheless our life !), I also got to know the Waddell family, generous, available and always “ready to listen”. Their approach is as professional as it is human.

I also recommend the audio-vocal course that I did just for my own pleasure, and which has enabled me to lift not only a veil on this mystery which I have always considered the art of singing to be, but also to discover my voice and once more to stimulate my ears!

In short, GO FOR IT whether you have auditive problems, the simple desire to recover hearing or the wish to discover the functioning of your instrument for work and for life…”

Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis / Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians

Elouan Olivier 5 year old, Vigneux. 1st July 2011.

(Elouan came to our Centre in January 2011 for problems at school, a great anxiety and a school phobia. Here is what his mother writes after his sessions).

I wanted to write to you with news of Elouan.
For six months now Elouan has been progressing daily.
He will be starting his first year of Primary school (French CP) and for him this is a big step. We wanted to measure where he was and it turns out that he is in advance and that all is well. I wanted to thank you personally because I am certain that we couldn’t have done it alone and that in particular we would never have managed to relieve him of all his anxiety.

Both of us continue to read out loud as regularly as possible.

Thanks again for everything.

Nathalie Olivier.

Sessions for School difficulties

Liliana Franchi Monaco, 12th June 2011

The Tomatis therapy is for me one of the best therapies that can be experienced.

I learnt of it thanks to a friend of mine in Rome and I quickly bought Tomatis’s autobiography. I realised that it was the right therapy for me and the one that I had always been looking for. I was going through a difficult period in my life and I wanted to turn the page and distance myself from a past which had been painful and full of illness.

The Tomatis therapy is full of Gregorian chant and Mozart’s music and my inner world was nourished by this healthy and beautiful music liberating and awakening my listening.

I think that Professor Tomatis has left the world a very great, sublime work of immense value.

I decided to do the Tomatis therapy in Paris (Vésinet) and Verbier (Switzerland) where I was accompanied by the Dominique and Justin, therapists trained directly by Tomatis and who have always stayed close to the teaching and spirit of Professor Tomatis.

I would like everyone to benefit from this marvellous therapy !

Sessions for Others / Sessions for Personal development

Nicolas Saviard entrepreneur, Seine & Marne, 2nd November 2010 who was sent to us for tinnitus and hyperacusis on the advice of Doctor Véricel, ENT specialist and auriculotherapist

Testimony in cartoon form (in French only at the moment) concerning tinnitus and hearing loss.

Nicolas Saviard later testified to his improvement/healing on the French television channel “France 5” in a programme entitled Heal Yourself Alternatively – (Se soigner autrement).

Sessions for Tinnitus / Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis

Emilie Rousseau 10 ½ years old, Terminiers (near Chartres) written by her mother, 1st September 2010

Our daughter Emilie, aged 10 ½ arrived in June 2010 for her first 12 day audio-psycho-phonological sessions at the Audio-Vocal Centre in Le Vésinet. She is currently at the end of CM1 and had important difficulties at school to the extent that her school didn’t envisage her going on to French 6th form after CM2. She was suffering from :

– difficulties with concentration, oral expression (she couldn’t find her words) and with listening
– medium to strong dyslexia, diagnozed by her speech therapist
– problems with maths (dyscalculia)

After her 12 day course we noted :

– a more fluid reading ability, less reticence to read and less confusion of sounds
– an improved concentration
– a marked change in her leading ear (before when replying on the telephone she always took the receiver to her left ear and now she instinctively uses the right ear)
– a manifest interest in adult conversation and a more active participation, within her limits, of course
– a greater fluidity of speech coupled with a more normal intensity (she had always had a tendency to shout)
– a less deep voice and an ability to sing in the higher registers.

She is currently doing her final 6-day course and is happy to be continuing. Today she had started writing to her school friends. I suggested that she do a rough draft before starting her postcards. Without stopping once she wrote 20 lines describing her life in Paris during the course. Not once before then had she written even one line without me having to be behind her pushing her. I think that at school we should see the fruit of this work. My thanks to Mr and Mrs Waddell who know how to place themselves at the level of each child that they can progress in harmony.

I should also add that I accompanied my daughter on her Tomatis course and that I was able to benefit from 2 1/2 hours listening at the same time as my daughter. I found this of personal benefit for my audition, listening, relaxation, improved sleep, as well as a closer relationship with my adopted child. What is more, the music of Mozart and the gregorian chants in analogue make for good listening and I succeeded in falling asleep several times during the sessions.

Sessions for School difficulties / Sessions for Others

Jeremy Jolivet-Habiby 9 years old, Lycée International, St Germain-en-Laye, written by his mother, 17th June 2010

I heard about the Tomatis method from my sister-in-law who lives in Spain and who had her very prematurely-born daughter, suffering from attention deficit, follow the sessions. She was very enthusisastic about the results but had warned that the improvements had taken several months to be felt. She hugely recommended that I undertake this therapy for my son aged 9 and it was due to her advice and the results on my niece that I decided to take an appointment.

Jeremy was suffering from lack of concentration in class and for his extra-curricular activities. His notes were coming back with comments like “doesn’t listen…” , “is on the moon”, “dreamer”. At swimming classes he was chided for not listening and for distracting the others instead of doing what he was being asked to do. For his pony riding lessons he had to do the same level all over again owing to his lack of concentration and inability to listen. I chose the Audio-Vocal Centre in Le Vésinet because Dominique Waddell had been Tomatis’s assistant and because they follow strictly his method, in contrast to other centres.

Jeremy followed the two sessions of therapy in 2009. About 6 months later we have started to reap the benefits. His mistresses tell me that there is no longer a listening problem in class and his school results have improved. We no longer have any comments about his absent-mindedness. His swimming teacher has noticed the changes and informed us that he now listened and followed the lessons very well. We received the same remarks at the pony club where the improvements in his listening capacity had also been noted.
Jeremy loved his sessions and always went happily, especially as he was able to do puzzles which he has always enjoyed doing.

Sessions for School difficulties

Flore Abrahams student, Paris, 19th April 2010.

I am a trainee actress. Before coming to the Audio-Vocal Centre, I had great difficulties with the vocal techniques required for dramatic art. I spoke on stage like in life – with a high-pitched voice. And I couldn’t hear the difference between the high, medium and low pitches. Thanks to the sessions, my spoken voice has progressively been transformed « as if by magic», it has found its natural place in the medium. And I hear the difference in others voices too. The reading out loud and auditive lateralisation exercices have provided me with a working tool on the text which even influences my interpretation ! I have much less difficulty in expressing myself on a daily basis and to be outgoing … and I finally think that I can even face stage fright with serenity. The sessions at the Audio-Vocal Centre have truly enabled me to approach my discipline with greater ease and confidence.

Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians / Sessions for Personal development

David Manterfield 20 years old, Le Vésinet, (Ex Lycée International, Saint Germain), 30th March 2009.

I did not fully understand at first how these sessions would help me obtain the effects my mother was talking about. The first meeting with Justin was interesting, he explained to me the process of listening and how it links in to the way we learn and develop. It was explained that my right hearing, the side linked to language, expression and concentration, was underdeveloped. He also said that my mother and I had a very strong emotional bond which affected my listening. My understanding of the treatment was vague, however I followed it strictly, turning up to all the sessions, which I found enjoyable and where I got to meet people.

In the weeks after the end of the treatment I had doubts about the impact of these sessions. However 3 years after the treatment I find myself completely changed, on multiple levels, socially, mentally, … I began the treatment at the end of 1ère (UK sixth form). I was doing a Bac S at Lycée Alain in my home town of Le Vésinet. It was a difficult year for me. I was doing badly at school and my social life was very limited. My results in my French Baccalaureat exam were poor (oral : 11, written : 6)
The following year I did my 1ère again at a far better Lycée where I was able to follow a bilingual education. My grades in the same exam were far better (oral : 15, written 12). This improvement could, of course, be linked to the fact that I had resat the exam a year later and in a better school. But I believe the sessions at the Audio-Vocal Centre had a role to play in my improvement. I was no longer sceptical about the impact of the treatment. 3 years later, I have succeeded in obtaining my French scientific baccalaureat with an international option, which is one of the hardest “A level standard” examinations to pass.

I am now following a preparatory course in medicine and hopefully going to Newcastle University next year where I have an offer to study medicine. I have never felt so accomplished.

Sessions for School difficulties / Sessions for Personal development

Guy Monvoisin 61 years old, Avon (77), retired, 30th March 2009.

Through these few words I can confirm that following the sessions under “the electronic ear” for these few days and following the prescription of daily sessions of reading out loud the trembling in my right hand has practically disappeared. This phenomenon was noticed and confirmed by my son Pierre during a dinner whilst I was serving.

Sessions for Others / Sessions for The retired and aged

Raphaël Orozco 11 years old, St Nom la Breteche, Yvelines, written by his mother, 17th February 2009.

My son Raphaël is dyslexic. Very dyslexic. Aged 11, at the beginnning of his 6th form, without wasting any time, his school call me in, to tell me that he can’t stay on because he can’t read. His speech therapist recommends that I turn towards the techniques of Professor Tomatis practised by Dominique and Justin Waddell, as all the other techniques attempted in 5 years of speech therapy have failed. Whilst not really convinced at the outset, I went, telling myself that I didn’t have the right not to try everything to help this lively and intelligent child, but completely blocked with regards to reading, and therefore prey to teasing at school and full of anxieties. Following that, all that would be left would be to go out and get a voodoo doll …

We therefore came for the 12 sessions in the holidays at the end of October, followed by 6 sessions at Christmas. The effects have been astounding : he reads without stopping even if it is still very slow. Moreover, very quickly, he noticed that whilst writing, his hand was much less tense, enabling him to write quicker and above all for longer than before (it’s really quite practical to have his school exercise books no longer coming back home with just the beginning of sentences, unfinished paragraphs and lots of blanks …). As to the most marvellous effect, it is psychological : Raphaël is much calmer, confident and happy. Having always been very determined in his work, he no longer has periods of discouragement. (He gets down to his homework by himself : isn’t that a miracle ?) And the school has stopped talking of finding a more suitable class elsewhere …

He has well understood the benefits of this method because he himself asked me for an additional session, in English, to help him tackle this language without the usual apprehension of all dyslexics on learning a foreign language. He has been happy to come every morning.

As for me, I yielded with great reticence to the demand of also remaining with a headset on, without reading, for all this time. And incredibly, although I have always suffered from permanent back pain following a serious horse-riding accident in my youth, I then spent the best Christmas holidays I have ever had without any back pain for 1 month. Unheard of in twenty years ! (and that’s good for one’s humour as well, ask my husband …)

Sessions for School difficulties / Sessions for Foreign languages / Sessions for Others

P.M. 37 years old, Paris, Managing Director, 2nd January 2009

A period of intense work with the Audio-Vocal Centre has helped me over a number of years to develop a more fluent and efficient verbal communication, as well as an improved voice.
It was in large part due to this improved communication that I was nominated two years ago to the post of managing director in a medium-sized company. The daily energy brought about by the exercise of reading out loud has proved to be one of the most important factors in enabling me to keep up the company’s spirits and thereby to obtain an increase in turnover of 38% over 2 years. The management of stress, a fluid communication and a good contact with the clientele, all inspired by the techniques of Doctor Tomatis applied in this Centre, have been the keys to this success.

Sessions for Others / Sessions for Personal development

Alessandro Innocca Rome, Private tour guide, 2nd January 2009 (following sessions in Verbier, summer 2008).

Dear Dominique and Justin, I want to thank you for the wonderful week I spent in Verbier last summer, my return to London was greatly facilitated from the linguistic standpoint as well as from the improvement in energy levels. I admit to having greatly benefited from the series of Mozart listening sessions. I have continued the second year of my course in London with great serenity and what is more have succeeded in passing some exams in English which I was unable to pass prior to this course. I am very pleased with this change which I had been waiting for for some time. Moreover, I am still in contact with the good friends that I made over the Verbier Music Festival during the concerts. I got on especially well with the singers and musicians who had come to Verbier to continue their musical training and we are already planning the return next summer. Once again many thanks and we will certainly see each other again in Verbier this August to repeat the pleasant experience. Arrivederci a presto. Alessandro

Sessions for Foreign languages / Sessions for Others

Valérie 36 years old, Yvelines, 20th November 2008.

Aged 36, I have been suffering for 2 years now from this little understood illness referred to as “Ménière’s vertigo”.
The latter appeared after a period of intense fatigue, stress and overwork. My ENT specialist’s diagnosis came to me as no surprise as I was already familiar with this illness through my father, who also suffered from it for many years. In my case, the symptoms rapidly got worse : important hearing loss, accompanied by tinnitus in the form of a loud low-pitched ringing in the left ear, loss of balance, vertigo attacks accompanied by vomiting. Daily life started to become difficult : work, driving, looking after my daughter, doing the shopping etc.. Everything became a nightmare for me because at every moment there was the anxiety of a new crisis.
Traditional medecine not being familiar with the origin of this illness can unfortunately offer only scant relief in the form of drugs. I decided to turn to other methods. I found the web site proposing audio-vocal sessions based on the works of Dr Tomatis, that is to say the stimulation of the muscles of the middle ear through the use of electronic material. Very rapidly the positive effects of these sessions started to be felt : an important recovery in audition, a better tolerance of noise, a significant reduction in my tinnitus, and above all no more vertigo since the start of the sessions around five months ago.
Today, thanks to this improved well-being I have recovered my self-confidence, I dare to do what I refrained from doing before, my spirits are high, I search out contacts with others and I look to the future with enthusiasm ; in a word I live again ! To conclude, I think that these sessions represent a real hope for all those who suffer from this terrible illness.

Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis / Sessions for Tinnitus / Sessions for Others / Sessions for Personal development

A.L. 12 years old, by his father, Le Vésinet, Yvelines, 30th June 2008

We preface this testimony with some remarks on the problems when A.L.  came to see us for the first time, a young child with a good posture and a good ear who had been accepted at Sandroyd an English prep school. After a promising start he seemed no longer be able to express his potential and his performance was declining to such an extent that his headmaster was even wondering if he had a future in the school.

The listening test we carried out showed a lack of auditive laterality which was influencing concentration, independence, awareness and especially the notion of time which was practically absent. The listening curves were, however, very good permitting us to be confident as to the results, despite a certain reserve from different masters in charge who surely saw in the problems a little bit more than ‘just’ a listening problem. Following the sessions the results nevertheless didn’t fail to come fast. His school results improved and continued to rise following the sessions as he continued certain daily exercises of dextralization whilst reading out loud. A.L. has successfully finished his time at Sandroyd, received an offer from Eton, and will be continuing at the British School of Paris in Croissy.


Dear Mr. And Mrs Waddell

I feel I owe you some remarks concerning the performance of my son. You know that when we met to discuss his concentration problems, I was a little bit sceptical as to the results you could bring him. My wife being more convinced than myself we decided to give it a try. Now, following the treatment and with greater objectivity we are all delighted to see – ourselves, his teachers and headmaster included – a real change in his behaviour not only in class but also at home and in everyday life. This was even true at the end of the sessions with you but we preferred to wait a while before sharing our pleasure with you and to thank you. It is certain that he is well changed since his sessions a little over a year ago and he is still on the right road. Our thanks to both of you.

Sessions for School difficulties / Sessions for Personal development

LAURENT GILBERT Managing Director of Lame de Fond, advertizing agency, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, 9th February

I came to “Tomatis” to speak English without an accent !

At the first session, a series of tests revealed the limits of my RIGHT ear ! I couldn’t analyse the high frequencies and consequently couldn’t reproduce with precision these same sounds.

10 sessions of work based on music and English texts enabled my ear to open up to the new “sounds”…

Beyond the considerable progress made in English, I have discovered extraordinary faculties which have influenced my every day life as head of company ! “decision-making, public speaking, risk-taking” these last points have been exacerbated by an improvement in my auditive and intellectual faculties ! Better listening, quicker decision-making, MEASURABLE results !

Thanks for having given your time to help us to IMPROVE OURSELVES !

Sessions for Foreign languages / Sessions for Personal development / Sessions for Others

BEATRICE BURLEY opera singer, Lyon. February 2007.

Béatrice Burley came in the summer of 2006 for 2 courses of English integration to improve her elocution for the preparation of a new rôle in English (see critique of her rôle beneath the testimony). Here is what she writes :

“It is with pleasure that I can provide an account of the benefits of my sessions with you. Without these two English integrations and Justin’s corrections the critic could never have written “perfect elocution” and all the more as I had a strong French accent when speaking English !!
Moreover my voice was much easier and more solid.

I leave it to you to express all my satisfaction regarding this work and to formulate it best for your web site”.

“The Medium” by Gian Carlo Menotti : Extract of article appearing in written by Jacques Schmitt, 14/01/2007

In Fribourg, everything has come together to make this Medium not only one of the best shows ever presented on this scene but what is more a production worthy of the greatest opera houses.

In the title rôle Béatrice Burley (Baba/Madame Flora) is terrifying… the French mezzo is an exceptional actress. And her voice is never at rest. With her colours of fire, cutting like steel, charged with power and bronze timbre, she delivers her musical text with a vehemence tainted with anxieties that gnaw at her. Throning over the stage, she trancends the other protagonists who raise their level and their voice to hers creating a unique theatrical climax.

Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians / Sessions for Foreign languages

Mrs F AGED 71. Retired, Le Pecq, July 2006

After the sessions I feel that my ear has become keener. The sounds are more “nuanced”, “finer”. It’s very agreeable, especially when listening to human voices.
It’s a pleasure to hear better.
Coming back from the sessions I felt that I had got back my two ears. As if they were once again part of me. All of a sudden but gently as if they had returned.
Reading out loud I have the impression that the tonality of my voice has changed that it is has more colour.


Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis / Sessions for The retired and aged

BROTHER M monk, aged 30, (Community of St Jean), April 2006

Dear Justin and Dominique,
This line just to repeat all my joy : since the last session with you, I have no longer any problem of voice extinctions, my daily life is transformed, finished the anxiety of wondering if I would have my voice the next day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians

FLORA FERNANDEZ aged 30, singer, Paris, June 2005

The reeducation at the Audio-Vocal Centre in the Vésinet has led to an incredible vocal development (homogeneity, a voice more in the body, more support, problem of high notes resolved …)

Mentally I am much more confident and assertive, more at ease socially.

Moreover, it has completely got rid of my car-sickness problems which seriously inconvenienced me on tours. Now free of nauseas and the medicines that make me drowsy, a feel a considerable weight has gone.

Simple, efficient, quick. In short, only positive !

Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians / Sessions for Personal development / Sessions for Others

Simone et Anastasia Bateson aged 11 and 7, diagnosed dyslexic, and who came to see us in July 2005 at Verbier in Switzerland, London, 31st May 2005

I feel ashamed that we have only just got around to contacting you. All is well with Simone and Anastasia they have had a very busy year. Anastasia has amazed her teachers as you know she was classed as a non reader when we came to you and now she is almost in the average reader category. She has had a lot of extra support from school and we are continuing to pay for regular private lessons to help her with her English reading and writing but she has proved better able to make full use of her opportunities. However best of all is her improved confidence and self esteem also improved speech. Further she is more open to making new friendships and defending herself and others I feel she is much more discerning.

Simone’s reading was tested last October and was considered to have a reading age of 12.5 she was just about to turn 12. The February before that she had been one year behind. Again Simone was tested in February this year and she was assessed with a reading age of 13.5. Simone had to complete her end of junior school exams named SATS she found the run up to the exams very stressful as the school had the children practising papers every day for several weeks. However during the actual week of the exams she seemed calmer and said she found the actual SATS easier than the practice papers she only hated the mental arithmetic and felt very confident and at ease with her reading and reading comprehension paper.

Sessions for School difficulties

YANN CARDINAL aged 37, Paris, June 2004

The integration of Italian and English enables me to hear better and discern the words and even if I cannot yet understand the meaning, to be able to write them. Before these integrations, when I was watching BBC world or Rai uno, I could only capure one word out of twenty and now I can capture more than half.

My reading has also greatly improved (technical documents linked to my profession) as well as my prononciation.

The English integration has also enabled me to extend my singing range, before I could hit with difficulty a high F and now I can get up to a high D and find a high C relatively easy.


Sessions for Foreign languages / Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians

MARIE-GABRIELLE DALET aged 25, nurse, St Mandé, May 2004

I have suffered from childhood from atopic dermatitis (eczema) which for years hadn’t manifested itself. After a move to Paris, this forgotten illness was brought back rudely to mind.
The rhythm and the difficulties encountered at the time of my secondary school studies did not arrange matters, and provoked flares of eczema so strong and long-lasting that my school friends nicknamed me ” lizard ” for a while.
Very young, I had problems getting to sleep, (having led to anger outbursts now indelibly inscribed in the family annals) but also long and anxiety-ridden nights of insomnia.
It was then that I heard of the Audio-Vocal Centre and the techniques dispensed. I therefore decided to attempt the experience at the beginning of the year, without noticing any changes at the time of the first sessions.
However, you can imagine my surprise later when I realized that I was sleeping 6 to 7 hours a night, with a sleep that was both deep and refreshing ! If I still was having some difficulties getting to sleep, I was able to deal with the situation calmly (without anxiety) until the sleep came.
At the same time, I saw the patches of eczema diminish and disappear. Of course I am not completely free of the problem, but the bursts of eczema which in the past took between six months and one year to disappear (despite strong drug treatments) now need no more than one or two night’s sleep, together with the new-found ability to firmly separate my professional activity from my personal life.
The sessions at the Audio-Vocal Centre have thus provided me with well-being, a certain tranquility, as well as confidence in myself. This enables me even in my work, to supervise student nurses and pass on my knowledge, something which would have been unimaginable a few months ago…


Sessions for Others / Sessions for Personal development

WILLIAM VAN LALLERTON 13 1/2 years old, by Mrs Van Lallerton, October 2003

Our son William, 13 1/2 years old did 12 audio-vocal sessions this Summer in July. I accompanied him for the twelve consecutive days, Saturday, Sunday and 14th July included !

This was quite an intense rhythm for a result which proved to be very beneficial.

William started to read real books as opposed to comics. Then he went on to give us an oral resumé of the books, which was good enough to make his sister want to read the same books.

What struck me most in our son’s behaviour is that he started to speak out in public, then to divulge himself more to others and especially his self-confidence grew. He is now more relaxed and those around him as well.

Sessions for School difficulties

ARNAUD & THOMAS (12 & 14 years old) by Mrs Levillayer, February 2003

I had my two sons do sessions of audio-psycho-phonology at the Audio-Vocal Centre in Vésinet during the Christmas holidays; one has just turned 14 and is in the 3rd form and the second will soon be 12 and is in the first form. It was for the second in particular that urgent intervention was needed. Thomas was completely lacking in self-confidence to the point where for a number of years he had become physically ill ; he no longer slept at night, he had sort of anxiety attacks, you could physically see his stomach contracting, he was in great pain and this finished with appalling diarrhoea lasting half the day ; there was no chance of sending him to school and he ended these ordeals completely exhausted. At home he clowned around a lot, but it was only a way of protecting himself that he developed little by little. At school the teachers didn’t hear him. He tried to do the least possible and even at times handed back a blank piece of paper for fear of making a mistake…

At the beginning of December I heard of your sessions from a friend who had had spectacular results on her son.

Over the Christmas holidays I therefore put my sons through the same treatment, 12 days in a row. I didn’t notice any ” miraculous” changes.

And then at the beginning of the January term, little by little the boys changed. They came back from school happy with their day. The second couldn’t believe it himself, he now had his arm raised throughout the lessons, he understood and replied correctly ! The eldest changed also, he had the impression to understand better, learn his lessons much more quickly and be able to recall the facts whenever he wanted. Today the second has practically no more diarrhoea, he wakes up in great shape without complaining of a headache (previously he used to start the day with a paracetamol), he no longer has stomach aches and sleeps much better with a truly ” refreshing ” sleep.

And then just before the February school holidays there were the parent-teacher meetings at school and I was speechless when one of my younger child’s teachers asked me if it was the same boy that I had given back to them at the start of the new term after the Christmas holidays ; they had never seen such a change ; really all said that it was no longer the same boy as the first term ! it was like night and day ; he now participates fully in lessons, replies always correctly to questions and his foreign language teacher said that she was convinced that he was completely inattentive to her lessons in the first term and today she sees that it is no longer the case, in fact he “remembers” everything because he makes none of the faults of grammar that the other boys in the class make.

For the eldest the change is less obvious, but the teachers have all been in agreement in saying that there has been a change. He has increased his average by between 1 to 2 1/2 in the space of a month and a half and all feel something has changed without being really able to define what it is ; he is more sure of himself and feels at greater ease.

I had not told the childrens’ teachers and many of them that I have now spoken to want to know more about the sessions, as they have never seen something like this – and these are not just young teachers… ; they would even be interested in an explanation from Mr & Mrs Waddell who direct the Vésinet’s Audio-Vocal Centre, so as to know more about the sessions and to speak to other parents such as I, who in December what at a loss to know what to do. I truly do not regret having undertaken this ” therapy”, when I see the happiness of my second son and this new ” joie de vivre ” that both my sons now have.

Sessions for School difficulties

FRERE JACQUES-PAUL Carmelite monk, January 2003

The principal benefits for me :

– no longer having very good ears, I have recovered a better listening capacity. The audio-vocal sessions have helped me to recover decibels

– a better health

– an improved quality in my spoken voice and consequently for singing also.




Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis / Sessions for Personal development / Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians

JEAN written by Mrs de Falandre, Boulogne Billancourt, France, October 2002

I have been wanting to write to you to say a big, big, thank you and to convey my complete satisfaction with the audio-vocal sessions. Jean finally can write in his 3rd year of primary school. What happiness !! His writing suddenly changed on 20th September. His mistresses can’t believe it. I have enclosed an example of his writing (before the sessions) at the end of his 2nd year of primary school, text at the side, that the mistress had kindly photocopied so that I be informed of the important end of year instructions, and that Jean could not copy out owing to its length, and then a text of the same length ( after the sessions) – if not more – that Jean copied out wonderfully without faults or omissions. It is unimaginable !!!! but true. I am a fulfilled mother and I give your address to all the mothers that I meet who are having problems with their children.

Thanks to you, Jean starts his third year of primary school in good conditions. He has greater confidence in himself and does his schoolwork alone..

Thank you, thank you and above all please continue as what you do is really worth it.


Jean, my son is a lively, active child, interested in the activities proposed to him, taking his turn in conversation with ease, conversing naturally with an adult, sporty and possessing a high IQ.

As for his negative points, before the sessions at Le Vésinet, he was very nervous, agitated, not able to concentrate himself on anything, posessing very little memory – his homework lasted 1 1/2 hours in the evening, with no autonomy, done very quickly and poorly, carelessly – he wouldn’t read at all, couldn’t take up a game without the intervention of an adult, didn’t know how to be alone, wanted to be looked after permanently, and above all he wrote very badly.

Today he is relaxed, calm, serene, doing his homework without me having to be seated next to him, more autonomous, memorising his texts much more quickly, having greater self-confidence because he knows how to write, he is more structured, more careful, understands precise instructions and to my great joy finally takes up a book all alone in the evening before going to bed or in the morning. His writing changed completely, on one day, suddenly, the 20th September, without me having made him write during the two months’ Summer holidays. Before the audio-psycho-phonological sessions, Jean was unable to copy out a text without faults, without forgetting a letter or a word, and if the text was too long he was discouraged in advance and wrote out anything just so as to be rid of it as quickly as possible.

I did 12 days of audio-vocal sessions between 15th and 30th July 2002, 2 and 1/2 hours each day with, myself, the mother having to listen to the music as well at the same time as the child. I then, during the Summer holidays, made Jean read every day 20 minutes out loud speaking into his right hand. It is an exercise that Tomatis recommends and insists on, so as to continue to train the right ear. This exercise the mothers can do as well, it gives energy, positivity in the education. One must not do this exercise after 5pm in the evening as it can stop one going to sleep. I continue to ask Jean to read, out loud, in his right hand, whilst doing his homework and to learn his texts speaking into his right hand.

Tomatis wrote his books listening to Mozart, and speaking into his right hand. Do the same if you have a difficult letter to write, the ideas come more easily and you will write better.

Following this I did another week at the end of August 2002, still following a rhythm of 2 1/2 hours per day. The course is intensive.

I have put together this dossier, so as to help other mothers, and testify to this marvellous, so effective experience and to show that I am neither making up or exaggerating anything. Jean did not know how to write and he now knows. I can’t believe it myself. My son will finally have a year without running to see the many, different specialists required in such difficult circumstances and experience a reassuring schooling. Thank you Tomatis.

NB : 1999-2000 : 8 sessions of psychotherapy + 15 sessions of psychomotricity;

2000-2001 during his first year of primary school : 2 sessions per week of speech therapy for one year

2001-2002 during his second year of primary school : 2 sessions per week for one year of speech therapy + 8 sessions of kinesiology.

And at the end of his second year : audio-vocal sessions in the Centre at Le Vésinet

Sessions for School difficulties

OLIVIER Paris : December 2002

The audio-vocal sessions have given me back confidence. My voice is now more dynamic, clearer, better placed; I have regained energy, the desire to turn more towards others, to seek out relationships, to do loads of things.

Before, I was using very little my right ear, following ENT problems I heard less well this ear. Sometimes I found it difficult to hear myself and therefore to sing in tune.

With the regular reading out loud I have found a renewed pleasure in reading, and the desire to continue it in silence. I can hear myself talk, my body is no longer closed to what I hear.

I profit from even more from this dynamism of the voice, of self-listening, when I am singing.

I have since started to sing more harmoniously and to have a greater desire to hear myself sing. This energises me. The sessions have renewed me, given me back my dynamism.

Olivier, 30/12/02

Sessions for Personal development / Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians / Sessions for Audition and hyperacusis

SERGEI DOROZHKINE Russian singer, October 2000

Each day I work on my posture, my breathing, the bone sounds and on my vowels. Thanks to Doctor Tomatis and to you the Conservatoire ended well, 30th September, and I got my degree with marks of 9/10 ! ….

Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians

FRANK musician, Paris, 8th December 2000

I am a musician, a piano teacher, but the main reason for which I wanted to profit from the audio-vocal sessions had nothing to do with music but rather existential problems : depression, putting myself down and lack of self esteem.

The beneficial effects of the sessions were felt very quickly firstly in the form of a great energy.

Secondly, as the days went on the self-confidence in which I was lacking set in and with it a greater desire to meet others.

Thirdly, with the disappearance of the fears which had been stifling action, notably the fear of failure, came a strong desire to undertake, to go ahead.

Finally, I have detected a last important change : a renewed creativity, a profusion of unaccustomed ideas.

Sessions for Personal development / Sessions for Singers, actors & musicians / Sessions for Others

BRIGITTE musician, Paris, : 11th December 2000

The audio-vocal sessions that are given in your Centre and the quality of your work are of great interest. As for me the audio-vocal work revitalised my listening and concentration faculties and, above all, I felt the benefits in a global, complete and lasting way.

Sessions for Others / Sessions for Personal development

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